Up Holland High School Is Dedicated To Excellence and prides itself on the excellent opportunities it offers to all students in order for them to develop and succeed.

This is achieved by offering a broad and balanced curriculum that is delivered by high quality practitioners. The school has an outstanding reputation for academic achievement and educational standards, which has been achieved by placing the individual child’s needs at the core of our ethos and our decision making.

We recognise that the development of the ‘whole child’ is an integral part of our work. We want the students to achieve both fantastic outcomes and to develop their interpersonal skills so that they are confidently prepared for life beyond school. At the heart of this ethos we promote our core values of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. At Up Holland High School, we expect students to be self-motivated, ambitious, determined and hard working. We encourage them to make the most of their abilities and talents. Alongside this, we expect students to be kind, thoughtful and respectful to one another. We want them to participate in all aspects of school life, developing into responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the wider community.

We strongly believe in the power of the ‘student voice’ and as such, afford the children the opportunity to positively impact change and improve our school by representing our student councils and junior leadership team. We expect our students to be responsible role models to each other and to the students in our partner primary schools, promoting a sense of community responsibility.

The pastoral care is a real strength of our school. We pride ourselves on knowing the students as individuals, which enables us to successfully work in partnership with parents and carers. This partnership is absolutely critical in ensuring students are happy, healthy and successful. Our extensive system of rewards encourages the pursuit of excellence and core values by celebrating progress, attainment and the overall contribution made to school life. High expectations of attendance, punctuality, uniform and behaviour underpin success in our school and lay the fundamental foundations for life beyond Up Holland.


School Priorities 2023-2025


• Developing a culture of excellence through high expectations of all staff and students

• Consistently delivering high quality teaching within a challenging curriculum

• Improving the attitude to learning and promoting the resilience of students

• Improving the attendance of students, particularly those that are persistently absent


Paul Scarborough