Mission statement

Our library offers a welcoming and supportive environment where we are committed to ensuring that students are empowered to grow into competent and ethical readers. We nurture intellectual curiosity and stamina through challenging reading materials and other multimedia formats, with a keen focus on diversity and inclusion. We support our readers to become passionate and respectful literacy critics who leave with a life-long love of reading, learning and independent thinking.

Our students undertake the Reading Plus program in years 7-11 which develops their fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and evaluation skills. Every student is assessed termly with the InSight reading test to monitor progress and provide personalised intervention sessions. Our students thoroughly engage with this and thrive from the recognition of resilience and excellence in reading this monitoring program provides.

Our ‘Curriculum Learning Journey’ of books allows for subject specific reading to further inspire and enrich students’ education. Both fiction and non-fiction recommended reads are updated termly to reflect what students are actively learning in school.

Mrs Foster, our Library Manager, has an obsessive love for classic reading as well as dystopian worlds, but her Manga knowledge is forever improving thanks to our lunchtime Anime/Manga club. She will also happily challenge you to games ranging from Jenga to Battle-ships in her weekly games club!

We have both student librarians and reading ambassadors who are trained and mentored by our library manager. They are an important part of our literacy mission and have a major impact on our successes within the library.

“I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most”
Margaret Atwood



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