Behaviour and Safety

At Up Holland we are proud of the behaviour of our young people.

We aim to;

  • Encourage a culture of positive Behaviour for Learning.
  • Develop partnerships between the school, families and pupils to support positive behaviour.
  • Use effective processes and procedures to ensure that effective learning can always take place.
  • ‘Behaviour for Learning’ posters are prominently displayed in all teaching areas and all staff are familiar with the school’s Behaviour Policy, which can be found in the Policies section of this website under the Information tab on our homepage.

If you have any concerns with regards to bullying or cyber bullying, parents should not hesitate to contact school.


Being safe online is very important to all of us at Up Holland. Our students sign a safe email and internet use agreement and e-safety is discussed in assemblies, in form time and through ICT lessons. We know, however, that young people use the internet out of school too whether it be via home computers, tablets or mobile ‘phones and we are committed to ensuring that they are aware of issues surrounding e-safety. We have a Cyber Bullying Policy which can be viewed in the Policies section of this website. In our list of useful links below, you will find more information about keeping young people safe online.

Useful links - parental support and advice (please also see the contacts opposite)

Below are a series of websites covering a range of issues young people may face. These range from e-safety to support with family breakdown and bullying;


Please find link below to UHHS padlet, which has a list of really useful resources to support your child from anxieties, sleeping, mental health, bereavement etc. These will be updated and added too over this coming academic year.


Parent Support Contacts


Please find below a link and support for parents on : What is Mental Health? and “Promoting Resilience in Children and Young People’.  These videos will be added too over the coming weeks.


What is Mental Health/Promoting Resilience in YP