Uniform and Appearance Policy


The Up Holland High School uniform is considered to be smart business wear that will enable your child to feel an equal member of our school community and enable him/her to be recognised by everyone as an ambassador of the school. We expect all students to take pride in their appearance and to uphold our high uniform standards. The uniform is smart, modern and stylish which is tailored more appropriately for the children.

We have a cost effective, smart uniform that is a representation of the high standards we uphold. We have also listened carefully to our parents and staff that have highlighted concerns over skirt lengths and inappropriate trousers. We have seen an increase in leggings being worn and jean style trousers in boys. It is a duty of the school to ensure our students are dressed appropriately and with dignity at all times. It is, therefore, one of our aims to eliminate this ambiguity, and we believe that parents will appreciate clarity over what constitutes correct uniform. The uniform ensures that our students look smarter, and valuable staff time is not spent dealing with uniform related issues.

We expect a high standard of personal appearance of all students. Through our uniform and appearance policy we aim to:

  • instil pride in the school 
  • support positive behaviour and discipline 
  • support teaching and learning 
  • encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos 
  • ensure students of all races and backgrounds feel welcome 
  • protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way 
  • nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of students

Cost of Uniform

We want to ensure that the cost of the uniform does not deter any family from applying to the school. The uniform suppliers, costs and quality have been reviewed to ensure best value. We have two uniform suppliers who we feel offer value for money and high quality items. Parents who are unable to provide their son or daughter with the required items of school uniform should approach the Headteacher with a request for financial assistance, as the school may allocate Student Premium money to ensure correct uniform is worn. Such approaches will be handled with discretion and sensitivity.

Enforcement of Uniform

Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their child comes to school in the correct uniform. Form tutors are responsible for monitoring uniform. All staff have a responsibility for ensuring that students are correctly dressed in class and elsewhere in school. If a student arrives into school wearing incorrect/lack of uniform an item will be supplied to the student short term (1 day), i.e. tie, shoes or blazer. If they refuse to wear the item given this will result in isolation.

In the event of repeated uniform infringements parents will be contacted. After contacting parents, the Headteacher may ask a student to go home to remedy a breach of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. If the student then repeatedly infringes the school's rules on uniform or appearance, this may constitute a disciplinary offence and may be grounds for exclusion.

Variations of the Policy

The school will carefully consider any request that is made to vary the policy to meet the needs of an individual student, in order to accommodate any religious beliefs, temporary or permanent medical conditions. However, in considering such requests, the school will have to balance the rights of individual students against the best interests of the school community as a whole.

School will be the final arbiter on what is deemed correct or incorrect uniform and appearance.

Policy Review

The uniform and appearance policy will be reviewed termly and will include consideration of consistency, adherence, uniform items, supply, cost and value for money.

Please see the Uniform & Appearance Policy for full guidelines

Uniform and Appearance Code

The Up Holland High School uniform is considered to be smart business wear that will enable your child to feel an equal member of our school community and enable him/her to be recognised by everyone as an ambassador of the school. We expect all students to take pride in their appearance and to uphold our high uniform standards.

School uniform can be purchased from AC Sports (Pemberton) or Slaters (Wigan). No other supplier will offer uniform approved by the school.

The changes to the uniform will be as follows.

Girls Uniform

  • Fitted navy blazer with embroidered logo
  • Blue shirt 
  • Clip on tie with embroidered logo
  • Grey/Blue check skirt – knee length
  • Smart navy trousers
  • Grey knee high sock/Grey thick tights (no ribbons/patterns/lace)
  • Plain black shoe
  • Year 11 – navy embroidered sweater
  • Hair bands/scrunchies/bobbles plain navy in colour

Boys Uniform

  • Navy blazer with embroidered logo
  • Blue shirt
  • Clip on tie with embroidered logo
  • Smart navy trousers
  • Plain navy sock
  • Plain black shoe
  • Year 11 – navy embroidered sweater

Up Holland High School PE & Performing Arts uniform September 2022

Compulsory for all students.

All items listed are compulsory:

  • Navy blue t-shirt with UH logo
  • Navy blue UH badged shorts OR navy blue UH badged leggings OR navy blue UH badged tracksuit pants
  • Navy blue half zip UH badged top
  • Shin pads (mandatory for football and hockey)
  • Navy blue football socks
  • Trainers (Converse/VANS or other pumps are not allowed)
  • Hair bobble (for hair past the ears - boys/girls)
  • Football boots or astro boots (no metal studs)
  • A spare plastic bag or equivalent to carry items in

Items of Personal Protective Equipment are strongly recommended by Up Holland High School and are mandatory in some activities. Following Governing Body guidelines, shin pads must be worn for football and hockey activities and a correctly fitted mouthguard is strongly recommended in hockey and rugby activities. The use of correctly fitted PPE during contact activities aims to reduce the chances of sustaining a serious injury. The wearing of PPE will not guarantee protection from injury; however, in many cases, it can mitigate the severity of injury by reducing a high-risk situation to one of reasonable or acceptable risk.

It is important to note that the current expectation that students should bring PE & Performing Arts uniform, regardless of illness or injury, will remain the same. This promotes a culture of engagement and belonging and aims to provide a practical solution to students working outside.


All the uniform is available to buy from our stockists AC Sports & Slaters, Wigan.

Outdoor coats

Preferably black in colour. Denim, leather and studded jackets are not acceptable. No hoodies. 


Please remember that for general reasons of safety and security no jewellery of any kind (e.g. rings, necklaces, ear-rings, ear-studs, etc.) may be worn by either boys or girls, nor should items of jewellery be brought to school. Only a watch is permissible. Refusal to remove will result in isolation.

Hair styles

Hair must be tidy and of a reasonable length. Excessively tinted or dyed hair is not allowed, nor hair with patterned lines cut into it. Please see policy for full details.

Nail varnish

This is not allowed, alongside false nails. Please see policy for full details.

Uniform Providers