Music Learning Journey



Progress Leader: Miss M. Callaghan/Mrs S. McKay
Teaching Staff: Mr J. Lyon
Mr Watson (Guitar), Miss Ashcroft (Vocal) Mr Howard (Drums), Mrs Wright (Violin and Viola), Mrs Edgars (Brass), Miss Bolland (Woodwind) and Mrs Cull (Piano)
Link Governor: Mrs J Nicholson and Mrs N Martin


Up Holland High School offers students the opportunity to:

  • Explore the 3 disciplines of music; Performance (solo and ensemble), composition and listening skills through a range of genres and styles of music.
  • Enrich a love for Music through further development of instrumental and vocal skills; keyboard, ukulele, percussion, and vocal.
  • Embed prior learning into new concepts through the key skills, with added depth, independence and creativity.


Year 7







Project 1: Finding you voice






Project 2: Samba

Develop an understanding of the following musical elements through listening skills; texture, and dynamics
Develop solo and ensemble performance skills
Singing skills including pitch, intonation, breathing control

Develop an understanding of the musical culture of Brazil and the role samba plays in carnival and dance.

Develop an understanding of the following elements of music through listening skills; Tempo, rhythm and structure, as well as embedding understanding of dynamics and texture.

Understand how to control a percussion instrument and perform with expression. Develop ensemble skills performing polyrhythmic parts as an ensemble. Performing a piece of music to a structure and develop improvisation skills.


Project 3

Keyboard Capers




Project 4

Melody and accompaniment

Understand the geography of the piano and how to read musical notation.

Developing an understanding of reading musical notation such as: pitch, accidentals, ledger lines as well as embedding understanding of rhythm.

Understanding and developing keyboard technique such as hand position. Understanding how to perform with expression such as correct tempo markings.


Developing understanding of melody and how a melody is formed using motifs. Understand how melodies move by steps or leaps.

Develop an understanding of harmony and tonality and how to pick appropriate chords for the accompaniment.

Further listening skills developing understanding of pitch, harmony and dynamics.

Students will create a piece of expressive and structured melody using dynamics with appropriate harmony.


Project 5
Instruments of the orchestra and Beethoven




Project 6




Develop an understanding of the instruments of the orchestra through Music composed by Beethoven.

Further develop an understanding of musical notation; embedding accidentals,
developing technical control of the keyboard; playing the piano with two hands.

Students will develop their skills as a soloist.
Further developing listening skills focusing on sonority.


Develop understanding of the ukulele and its origins, Students will develop their understanding of harmony focusing on chord sequences. Students will develop their ensemble skills in bands.

Students will also understand the technique to playing the ukulele such as holding the ukulele, how to produce a sound, strumming and finger technique.


Year 8




Project 1

Reggae Music

Embed ensemble skills as a band

Embed technical control of voice, ukulele, keyboard and percussion instruments.
Gain an understanding of rhythmic devices and stylistic features.
Understanding how Reggae music links with BLM and historical understanding of slavery in the Caribbean.

Listening skills developed during this topic focus on: rhythm, instruments.


Project 2

The Beatles

Further exploration of harmony, melody and structure. Students will develop their keyboard skills performing as a piano duet.

Students will embed their understanding of British Pop Music/ importance of Liverpool  and the exportation of British pop music on the world stage.
Students will develop their understanding of chords further looking as 7th chords and understanding of playing as a smaller ensemble, a piano duet.

Listening skills developed such as harmony, melody and structure.


Recycling Melodies

Students will embed their knowledge of melody and accompaniment through the piece Peer Gynt.

Students will embed and further understand melodic devices and how to compose a melody. They will then creatively explore how to recycle melodies using melodic devices to create a new melody.

They will further embed and develop their knowledge of harmonic devices.

Students will embed and develop their knowledge of Music software for this project.

Students will develop an understanding of Western Classical Music, develop their listening skills focusing on sonority, melody, harmony and tonality.

Year 9




The Blues

Students will understand the cultural and historic importance of Blues, and how it plays a key role in American music culture. They will also understand how Blues paved the way for Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Students will develop their understanding of BLM and slavery through this project.

Students will develop ensemble skills through this project, performing on one of the following instruments with expression; drums, keyboard, ukulele and voice. 

Listening skills focusing on Rhythm, harmony, instruments.


Brit Pop

Students will develop their knowledge of popular music and how British Pop music developed in the 1990’s.

Students will develop their keyboard skills and ensemble skills performing as a small ensemble, a piano duet.

They will further develop their understanding of harmony and theory of creating and changing chords.

Students will develop their performance skills performing with expression. 

Listening skills focus on harmony, structure, dynamics.


Film Music

Develop an understand of mood and atmosphere
Create an atmospheric piece of music which uses devices
Control of elements of music such as tempo, dynamics, harmony; developing ideas
Further developing instrumental skills the keyboard and their understanding of ICT software,

Listen skills focus on dynamics, texture, harmony, tonality, rhythm and melody.



  • Phoenix Voices choir, Concert Band, student led ensembles, keyboard club, Year 7 practice session, Year 8 practice session, Year 9 practice session, GCSE catch up sessions, practice room booking system.
  • Performances throughout the year such as ‘The Jam’, Christmas carol service, Summer Showcase.
  • Instrumental lessons on the following disciplines; Guitar, Voice, Strings (violin, viola), Drum Kit, Brass, Piano and Woodwind.