Compass Bloom

Who are we? We are a mental health support team for Central and West Lancs. Our lovely Education Mental Health Practitioners come into school and work with children and young people to support them with their mental health needs. We are a low -intervention service, this means we work with children and young people with early signs of mental health challenges, or mild-moderate needs.

Chelsea Edgar our Education Mental Health Practitioner works with pupils at Upholland High School.

What do we do?

  • Provide 1:1 CBT informed, evidence-based sessions for low level mental health needs, anxiety and low mood.
  • Work with groups on worry management.
  • Deliver workshops on sleep, transition, understanding emotions and emotional wellbeing.
  • Deliver assemblies to promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Help children and young people get the right support at the right time, e.g. signposting to services
  • Work directly with parents to support their young people around transition, anxiety, low mood and sleep.

What to do next? If you feel that your child may benefit from support, then please inform the your child's Senior Personal Development Manager.

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